Allison Weiland — Catskills, New York

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

My husband took an emt-a class and Allison Weiland was also in the class. She started flirting with him from the beginning. His wedding ring didn’t deter her. She gave him her number. My husband and I had a rough patch and they ended up talking for a month. She has no money to afford gas so she had to carpool to class. Being nice he offered to drive her to her car one night and on the way she led him to a secluded road – Mackey Rd, and pushed herself on him sexually. He got himself out of the situation knowing it was a mistake and eventually ended contact with her and dropped the class so he didn’t see her. Apparently from other posts on here she is great at TAKING advantage of vulnerable men. Now because they work in the same field they occasionally cross paths at hospitals. Whenever she sees him she tries to talk to him even though she has a boyfriend. I contacted her employer who instructed her to have no contact with my husband even in passing. Nothing stops her from persuing married men. She likes them older so she can be supported because she can’t take care of herself nor her daughter.