Andy W. Lee – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Full name: Andrew Won Young Lee. Age 28. Lives in Redlands CA. Works as a radiology resident in Loma Linda Hospital. Went to Ohio State. – this idiot was my ex boyfriend. He promised me the world basically, and said I was his “soulmate”, the “light of my life”, the only one he ever wanted to be with, and wanted to marry. I moved to California to be with him. Things got rough, like all relationships eventually go through – so he secretly went on coffee meets bagel behind my back while we were still together and then publicly liked porn on Instagram to make ME break up with him so he would not feel as bad. Then denied everything. After the break up I got into a car accident and asked him for help and he flat out ignored me. In less than two months of breakin up he is in another “relationship”. Bottomline – he cheated and lied to me.