Ashleigh Gaydos — Tucson, Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

My husband had mentioned Ashleigh Gaydos to me as someone who worked for a business that his did a lot of work with. Then he tells me he inadvertently got her fired and she e-mailed him saying she would ruin his life… two days later I get a message on instagram saying they had an affair. The info she had was the same a friend would have and she sent me screenshots of texts without his phone number on it so who knows if it’s real or she just changed the name. Either way she tried to wreck my home knowing we have three kids. Then she has the audacity to think I would meet her and team up with her against my husband in some way. Obviously she’s never had a serious relationship because this is not Hollywood. I am not going to be friends with a whore that went after a married man especially MY man. I would watch out for this bitch because regardless of whatever happened or didn’t happen she thinks the best way to get back at a person is to fuck up the lives of their innocent children.