Bahige Elmahmoud – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

ABUSER child abuser and domestic violence Liar control Freak my friends sister dated this A-hole like almost 5 yrs ago hes her grand dads age Ewwwwww and he was so abusive to her he stole all her money stoled her credit cards and max them out buying apple produts he told her e was some Arab prince from the middle east and she believes him so f-ing stupid hes a big liar she started seeing him again in march and then married him in june hes muslim and makes her be one to we are all Christian NOT MUSLIM EWWWWWWWWW last month he made her fast for a whole month because of his religion shes sick and shouldnt be doing that we just found out he use to tie her little girl to a chair for waking him up early she was only 8yrs old that was his punishment for being to loud so now that her mo married him she doesnt want to go live with this guy in his house again she has a dad he told us his name was Bill but its NOT its Bahige Elmahmoud we got a private investigater to check him out and found out a lot about him his a big phony he lost his house cause he couldnt pay for it he had domestic violence before with his other wife we think he got a insurance policy out on her since he knows she sick and is just waiting for it to pay off he has Jennifer BRAIN washed he tried to run us off the road a few weeks ago and almost hit are care he wont even let jennifer see her daughter he wont let her go anywhere or talk to anyone unless hes with her WTF hes a controlling A-HOLE and hes still on a whole bunch of dating sites.