Betsy Chase — Mchenry, Illinois

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

My husband and I have been been married over 10 years, I got my husband a job at Riverwood School Dist. He started acting werid. I would catch him on his phone in the bathroom- I went as far as pulling the phone records and found her cell number, Betsy Chase. Christmas Eve in 2008 I followed him to her house. He was doing security check. Lol. Well I went to the door and opened it. He said she’s my union rep. Joke. Well Radom co-workers of his would contact me saying do u know what your husband is doing. I paid no attention cause I thought they didn’t like him. One Friday I was off work earlier, and thought I would surprise him. I pulled into the school parking lot and here is this red Passat Volkswagen next to his car. He took off as she drove past me smiling ear to ear. Then my husband had back surgery… do u believe this chick called the hospital. So for 5 years I supported him. Isn’t that what a wife should do. Then moved his dying mom into my home. She past last year. On 1/11/18 While I was work Frank moved out, and took my dog. To this day they won’t give back. Went to their house with the police and they wouldn’t open the door. Why in the world would this teacher be a side chick all these years. What kind of morals is she teaching her 4th graders. I’m blown away with the BS I’m going thru. I wanted everyone to know about her and him.