Boog Crider Cheater – Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Caught the bastard talking to a 21 year lil girl, who was suppose to be my friend. I knew she had a lil crush on my husband cuz of Facebook (i seriously hate social media ) she literally liked or commented on EVERYTHING thing he posted. Plus tagged him in post all the time! As did he, then i noticed a change in him he was gone all the time was crazy about his phone would hide it, take it in the bathroom and flipped if i got at all close to it. After i caught them talking the first time and he denied everything then promised to no longer have any contact with the home wrecker, i caught him 2 more times talking to her. I can’t help but to love this liar/cheater and to forgive him and take him back. But this is the final chance. So ladies beware of him. As of rite now he is married to me, and if we do end up divorcing then feature girlfriends to him beware he has done this to every girl he has been with, and will without a doubt do it again and again, as well as lie. Weather u have evidence in his face or not.