Brandon Burtnett – Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Ladies, if you happen to come across this gem, stay far far away. The carnage of women and children he leaves behind can be found in Arizona his home state, Texas, and California. Has slept with anything that resembles a v***** and has contracted and spread just about every std that exists.

As of 2018 up to 8 children by 5 different women, not counting all of the abortions he has talked girls into once his cheating has been exposed. Being the ignorant idiot that he is, getting fixed apparently is not a priority on his to-do list. The children that did make it into this world spawned by him have either been abandoned or he pops in and out of their lives leaving heartache, and affecting their trust and emotional well being. He is known to have multiple phones when in a relationship to try and hide the cheating and drug abuse. He has been jailed twice in the past for failure to pay child support, as well as DUI. Seeing as he has screwed a large portion of the women in Arizona, you could probably ask around and find out for yourself, or Google his name and find story after story on various sites revealing this same information. If you come into contact with this man RUN! This world does not need anymore of his neglected children. He rarely works and has had over 50 jobs in his 37 years. That is one more advantage of being with him, he will try to suck you dry financially and has stolen from friends and family in the past. He needs to locked up and castrated.