Brittany White (Pietrowski) — Meadville, Pennsylvania

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Brittany White was married at the time when she knowingly and willingly began an affair with my husband. She knew he was married with three kids and still CHOSE to have an affair on her husband and engage in an affair with mine. She is divorced now because her affairs led to the destruction of her marriage. She would drive by my house and get mad when he was home with me and our family. She knew all about my children and planned to become their stepmother.

She would meet in the on-call rooms at the hospital and have sex with these married men, including my husband. All, while getting paid by the hospital and on the time clock. When my husband refused to leave me for her, she went into a rage and began having another affair with another married man who had a pregnant wife. During her 10-month affair with my husband, she not only cheated on her husband, but she cheated on my husband to make him jealous, hooked up with a man with a baby on the way, and also had an affair with another married man that was married with four children. She is the epitome of a HOMEWRECKER. In one year’s time, she broke up four families. This is just the tip of the iceberg with her! Not only did she break up four families by having multiple affairs, she stalked our house, attacked me, and proceeded to start rumors regarding myself, my kids, and my husband. She claimed that she was being stalked and harassed by all of three of these married men, and wrote letters to my husband’s employment to try to get him fired. She sent a letter to our house, two letters to his employer, letters to our neighbors, and claimed that she feared for her life from all of these men that she had affairs with. We left the state of Pennsylvania nearly a year ago, and she is still spreading rumors about our family and the men that she has had affairs with. Her parents have even been involved and have called my family to harass us. I almost had to get a restraining order against her and had to have the police to my home because of threatening emails. So, not only does she have multiple affairs with married men, she is a pathological liar and acts like a juvenile mean girl that is stuck in junior high. My husband had kept the texts and conversations between them as proof. I also have proof of the police coming to my home regarding the harassment, I have copies of the letters, and I have friends who can corroborate every bit of this story. Her name is Brittany White and she works at Meadville Medical Center in Meadville, Pennsylvania. When she was married, her name was Brittany Pietrowski. At the time when the Affairs begin, she was a scrub tech at Meadville Medical Center and also a waitress at Red Lobster in Meadville. It is one thing to have an affair. But, this girl is out of control. She is a girl that has spread so many rumors around town regarding all of these men she has slept with, she stalks, she gets the police involved, she tells people that she is fearing for her life, she tries to get people fired, she writes letters to places of employment, she writes letters full of lies to neighbors and people to threaten them. We also have proof from my husband’s place of employment at the time that they did a full-on investigation after she sent letters to his boss, and they found that all of her allegations were untrue. Additionally, she tried to get my husband fired in the other state that he moved to after all of this went down. She is an extremely messed up, home-wrecking, immature, pathological lying, trouble maker. I have been in contact with one of the other wives that she had an affair with. I’m sure one of the other wives is going to be posting in here soon. This girl is trouble. My cheating husband is a whole nother story, but this girl is dangerous, and completely out of line. She gets law enforcement involved, and tries to destroy families and lives. I was just notified by people in that town that she is currently going after another married man.