Bruce “Johnson” AKA – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Ohhhh…What can I say about Bruce McDilda (he lies about his name, of course)?? I think the name says it all; however, he tries to come off as intelligent (with his “word of the day” vocabulary nonsense).. He plays the sob story about how he has been sooo “screwed over by women”. How he “hasn’t had sex in over a year” because he’s such an honorable man. It’s all a bunch of crap lies. I knew it was. I caught him in so many lies and found all kinds of stuff on the internet about him. If you have time, just dig a little…In my case, I have to admit, it was my fault. I was looking for a physical connection. I was in a bad place but I could see through all of his embarrassing nonsense from the start. I just didn’t care at the time. He used his daughter, “Maggie” as a pawn constantly to show what a “respectable guy and father” he was. I hate that more than anything. To use your own child as a pawn? Anyway, we did have physical relations and he gave me a plethora pf STD’s.He is very dominant and prays on the vulnerable. Like I said before, I am not innocent in all of this; however, if you come across this man, please don’t fall for his nonsense.