Bryan Keith Gibson – Porterville, California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I was with Bryan Keith Gibson, age 55 who lives on Cedar Ave in Porterville, California, for 15+ years. I. Tried numerous times to break up with him but he would insist that he loved me SO MUCH he couldn’t go on. I went back to my ex for awhile, bryan was seeing Debi. I broke up with ex and magically Bryan was back. A few months of togetherness Bryan kissed me goodnight and left our bed. He was gone for 3 days with no word. His friends told me her name was debi i confronted her she said yes, i confronted him he said no. Many other woman came and went he denied all. Finally I bugged the house and I HEARD EVERY MOAN , GASP, ECSTASTIC MOMENT. I WAS DEVASTATED. Finally proof!!!