Carlie — Sparta, Wisconsin

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I was pregnant with my son and my fiancé dropped me along side the road 3 years ago to continue sexting Carlie. After I accused him of doing so and he promised he wasn’t so the argument lead to me being dropped off because I couldn’t handle the stress. They took a trip to Walmart just them two, I wasn’t allowed to go with because of the other kids at home… what should’ve been 30 minutes took over 2 hours both tried telling me nothing happened but after 3 years here I am faced with the truth and she has the nerve to smirk at me every time she has a chance! I unfortunately have to see her almost every day which makes life hard because I just want to scream at her for what she and he did she still won’t come clean and had the guts to ask to borrow $175 from me a year ago!