Carlos Adrian Gomez – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Has 3 kids from two different women. Abandoned his oldest child for 5 years. Had 2 more children & proposed to his baby’s mother after 4 years. Cheated the entire 5 years they were together (less than 2 months shy of the wedding before he was caught) with multiple women & gave fiance HPV twice. Alcoholic who drinks & has had 2 DUI’s. Uses the military as a facade for a good guy but is a narcissist in reality who can not stay off of social media sites hunting. Spends money on dinner & hotel rooms with random women while his children need clothes and shoes but says he cannot afford it. He is very persuasive & good with words but he is a compulsive liar who only cares about himself & his entertainment. He pretends he’s away at military duty while sleeping with multiple women.