Chauncey Jones — Huntsville, Alabama

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Chauncey Jones has a wife and children yet he took advantage of my wife at work. She says he nudges her towards his c**k and she pushed away then he said I understand and puts her head on his chest and sweet talks her into doing it anyway. My wife has bad teeth they hurt all the time. After a min or 2 she says she tells him her mouth was hurting and he ends up holding her head while he beats off on her face. I found deleted texts in my her phone and got her to own up to it by calling his wife. She told his wife what she had done. I sent his wife the deleted texts from both of them. What a low life. Im struggling trying to make it work between my wife and I. Only time will tell. As of now, “it is what it is!!”