Chester Wint Buckeye – Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Chester Wint is married to a woman named Minerva. He has been lying and having an affair for the last six months. He was fired for from his job for the pursuit of tat affair. He manipulates women to suit his needs. He manipulated his way into another man’s life and attempted to steal his wife while that man was in a nursing home. Both men Army veterans. He has issues, mental issues but that does not justify the way he treats women. He’s the best con artist I have ever met and would routinely admit how Kinky swinger activities excited him. I believe the man gets off on being with one woman during the day and having his wife after. It’s sick. Writes love letters buys gifts but plays the victim… nasty sick ****. He wife knows but you know Catholics don’t divorce they confess and all good. Beware possible STDS and extreme PTSD