Daniel Blagg — Sylva, North Carolina

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Daniel Blagg is a deputy at the Waynesville police department, but do not let the uniform fool you he’s very manipulative and he uses women. Daniel pursued me endlessly for about 6 months before I finally agreed to go out with him. He promised me the moon and the stars. One night I went to his house and we ended up having sex rough sex and he slapped me, spit in my face and then rubbed cum in my face. Come to find out he got the whole sexual act on video. I was humiliated. When I asked if he’d videoed it he said, “ don’t you worry about it” when I knew he had I saw his phone propped up on his computer desk facing where you could see the whole sexual act taken place. If that’s not bad enough he stopped talking to me used me and discarded me like a piece of trash when he was done. As a police officer he is held to a higher standard and so many people look up to him. I thought he’d respect women more than this. Come to find out he’s done this to at least two other women. Just goes to show you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. Daniel does not deserve to be wearing any kind of badge treating women the way he does. I mean what a nightmare!! So ladies of WNC watch out for this arrogant jerk!