Derek Martin, Fremont – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This guy is a degenerate, a liar, cheater & a f****** coward! He uses women! He started his plenty of fish profile (derekm209) “looking for a relationship” while still in a relationship. He started it after 8 months together and right before I would take him on a weekend getaway for his birthday! Selfish! Throughout our relationship he would go silent on me & I wouldn’t hear from him for about a week at a time (now I know he was cheating during those times). I didn’t think he was cheating at the time, I’m super busy too & very rarely texted during the week but when he went silent like that I would check in & see if he was still interested in the relationship or wanted to part ways. He always came back, stating some b******* excuse about how he was just busy with work (yeah, working angles on other girls) but things would go back to being good between us. Things started to get serious, and then all of a sudden he started being very distant with me and acting shady. A little internet research & bam – his plenty of fish & OKCupid profiles!