Dr. Humberto Z Gomez – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Dr. Humberto is a manwhore!!! He is 43, married with two children. He works for the USDA as an inspector and carries on multiple affairs. His wife is aloof to his activities. He lives in Palier, California. Fresno County. He serves on the Democratic Central Commitee of Fresno County and is known to seduce younger women and even a few men! He is active on fetlife, POF, and numerous other dating sites. I contracted gonorrhea from him after unprotected sex on our second date. I noticed a text from his wife while we were grabbing drinks a week or so later. He denied he had a wife!!! I was actually falling for him! He broke my heart!!! What a BOS! I later learned from a friend in local politics that Humberto Z Gomez has a reputation!