Dustin Dewayne – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Beware of this man he thinks he’s the s*** cuz he had 3 woman he was f**king until he got caught. He gave me 2 STD’s & he tried to blame me for them accusing me of cheating. I warned the new b**** & she is just as bad as he is. His fiances name is Jennifer Wallen & the new b**** her name is Jennifer Nicole Adams Travis all in Tulare. Jen #2 already knows bout jen #1 unlike me who didn’t find out bout his fiance till months later. Jen #2 continued to presue him & she said she’s married but her husband is in rehab learning to walk again her # 559-331-4450. Dustins #559-837-3710. He works as a mechanic for Franzen-Hill