Elise Janais – Tennessee

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Elise Janais Brown is the 34 year old cheating wife of David Brown. She is a true abusive sociopath! Narcissistic to the core! Last week, Elise’s own daughter had enough of having to live with that vile, evil witch, so she hung herself, just so she could get away from her abusive mother.Elise is now playing the part of a martyr, getting on all the local news channels to tell her side of the story and to cover up her dirty laundry, as well as her dirty house of horrors that her daughter was exposed to.The daughter ran away and attempted suicide before, because her life at home was so miserable, having Elise for a mother. The teen daughter was nothing but a nanny to her two younger sisters, while the mother went out chasing after black cock to cheat on her husband with.Elise Brown is nothing but a lowlife, white trash, gym whore who plays the part of the loving, devout Christian wife and doting mother. It’s all bullshit! She is a lying hypocrite! Elise uses the church to cover up her sins. She is a piss poor excuse of a mother, and a promiscuous, money hungry, cheating wife. Avoid this piece of shit! Elise Janais Brown is only after money, dick, admiration and attention.