Erin Baric — St. Petersburg, Florida

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This member of the Tampa bay dart association is a mother of 5 and a grandma at the age of 35, quite possibly because she does not keep her legs closed for any reason. Instead of focusing on her offspring she plays darts almost every night of the week so she can drink and f*** taken and married men behind the bars when she’s done, while her children probably run the streets of St. Petersburg unattended possibly reproducing more grand offspring for her to be proud of since morals are not a lesson to be taught in her life anyway. She is single so she considers everything fair game and drinks a fair amount to spend her evenings drunk as hell and able to sleep at night after betraying her own kind to satisfy her own wants. Bi**h has no dignity, no morals, no respect for herself or any orther female, her teeth are rotting from her head and for such a squat woman she’s about 40lbs over weight and proud of it. Sad. Pathetic.