Erin Sheilds — Independence, Kentucky

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Me and my husband separated for about 3 months. And that time I started talking to somebody and he started talking to this chick named Erin. Finally we decided to go to marriage counseling. So we both told the people that we were talking to that it wasn’t going to work out in that we was getting back together. She could not take the hint. Day in and day out she would text him she would call him and she would try to get him to meet up with her. And has now been 3 months since we’ve been back together and she still continues to text and call him behind my back. But he tells me of every phone call every text message and everything even shows them to me. She Just Can’t Take A Hint! She even started to stalk him on Facebook so he blocked her and then she started to stalk me but then she blocked me on Facebook and she keeps unblocking me like once a week to keep tabs on mine and his relationship I guess. I Just Wish She Would Leave Us The Hell Alone…. She works at Elizabeth in Edgewood… so if I wanted to have another baby I got to make sure not to go there. I don’t want that psycho near me!