Heather Dobbs Crabtree — Mt. Zion, Georgia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Where do I start. My guy and I were dating for about a yr. I know her ex-husband but I’ve never met her. Anyway she got in touch with my man. Ok so he is a major cheater too. But this chick tries to play the all sweet innocent role. I’ve beat cancer. I’ve worked at my job for 17 yrs. I raised 3 kids and 3 that weren’t mine. She claims to be street but didn’t know what grinding meant in sexual reference. Oookkk!! Anyway my man and I went to Vegas- got married and not w/weeks later they talk again. She kept pursuing. Ok he and I were having issues. He would talk about me to her. She would spy on my social media and tell him whose posts I liked- not that it was a big deal, friends having babies- things like that. She even went so far to make a Facebook page about me- using my pics and i was talking to all these guys from like Spain – they didn’t speak English- and I was from Florida. Somehow she stumbled upon this. She was working him against me and now he is with her. Oh and then we have these text wars and she will send me his penis pics and say is this your man. She intentionally wanted to separate us by manipulating and falsifying pics to fool him or me, or whomever the target. Oh and my husband who lives with her and her 3 kids and dog, sleeps around on her with me and of course I tell her and she thinks I’m lying. HELLO, he cheated on me with her and we are married- he has never been faithful to any girl and lies like a mutha- and she thinks he tells her the truth and be faithful. This girl is not smart either so that is why he is with her. I argued when he cheated- she doesn’t- b/c he comes to her house everynight he isn’t cheating. Brahahaha someone is about to have a rude awakening