Heidi Berg – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Heidi Leighanne Berg Rushforth of Los Angeles, California @halloumi_heidi is a nasty middle age disease infested druggie and drunk who preys on mentally ill 20 year old boys on Instagram. Aj Antonio Ondrus @ajondrus and David Lex @High_explorer had an unsafe threesome with this thing at the Santa Paula Punch Bowl these boys went home to Orange County and spread her STDS to unsuspecting (one unwilling) victims. Heidi Rushforth, Heidi Berg likes yo prey on them young dumb and with mental issues. When @high_explorer posted videos on Instagram this no shame tramp commented “It was just what I needed” with 2 c0(k rocket emojis!! NASTY GONORRHEA (so far we know) sex predator.