Jennifer Lee Signorelli — Chesapeake, Virginia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Let me introduce you to this narcissistic Homewrecker Jennifer Lee Signorelli-Passanessi originally from Commack NY.  She lives in Chesapeake, VA with her two children. Let me say this… she is a horrible mother and I feel bad for those children. The tell her they hate her and don’t want to be with her that they want to be with their father. I’m sure as soon as there 18 they will disown her and get out. They still share a room at age 10 and 13 boy and girl when Jennifer could get a job and work but she only cares for herself. She does nothing with or for her kids but torture them. Jennifer makes sure she has what she needs like plenty of makeup for that God awful face of hers and expensive outfits to fill her closet! She gets weekly massages and allows the therapist to go down on her! When that’s not enough she goes for her vibrator. She has been in multiple failed relationships and can’t hold on to a guy and when he brakes up with her she makes sure he will pay a hefty penalty. She sucks the child support from her ex-husband, cost him over $80000 in lawyer fees before a judge had to finally divorce them because she is a control freak and force that man so much pain and suffering I can’t imagine what that man has been through. God bless him and his new family. Now she now she is coursing her ex-boyfriend thousands of dollars in lawyers because of all of her whole statement to police and had him arrested for crimes he did not commit she can’t fess up to her own crimes. I can’t imagine his pain and suffering Jennifer is putting this man through and what he has been and is still going through she is a compulsive liar and has tried to get everyone else to do her Dirty Work including making false statements about the man she has been with she forces the men that she is with to have intercourse with her when she is on her menstrual cycle she is a disgusting Pig she does this by threatening them with guilt and giving them a ultimatum she has a violent temper and is abusive. She has disowned her entire family she is a backstabbing woman who talks behind everybody’s back and is a true to face troll Jennifer hates her mother calls her white trash lowlife that does nothing all day but sleep, complains and smokes. Jennifer doesn’t care or try to help her drug-addicted brother who smoke marijuana everyday but talks trash about him. She managed to get her ex-husband fired from her job because she was selling the same products he was online, all because she is all about herself. Her ex-boyfriend’s wife was her best friend they spoke everyday for years Jennifer came over for a party one night and seduced her husband into sleeping with her but that essentially was not enough for Jennifer she needed more so she pushed on sending pictures of herself ending her relationship with her best friend and pursuing her friend’s husband. Jennifer Signorelli is a true home wrecker.  She took her away and paid for vacations, paid for dinner and to see her even moved her after they broke up in the end Jennifer made him look like the bad guy. Jennifer Signorelli currently has two orders of protection against her for violence that she has caused after her ex-boyfriend because he broke up with her. If you see this woman in New York please contact police so the warrent can be served. Keep your men for away from this true witch she comes across sweet and innocent, but she is the devil. People don’t change she is a life Destroyer… stay away and keep your distance she will destroy you. She deserves to be alone for the rest of her life when she worked as a school teacher she got fired for getting involved with one of the children’s fathers that she still shows on her Facebook profile. Currently says she works at Greenbrier Manor in Chesapeake yet another lie please share this story ladies to keep your men safe from people like her and anyone else falling from victim to her wickedness.