Jennifer Lynn Cowell — Ecorse, Michigan

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I happened to be doing some scrolling and saw that Jennifer Lynn Cowell was once exposed and I wanted to share my story. I have known this home wrecker for some time and thought she was one to trust.. but I was WRONG! I made the mistake of bringing her around my husband. I knew the type of person she was and still allowed her around. She was living an unhealthy sex life, having sex with multiple men. Unprotected sex. She ended up hitting rock bottom and catching an incurable STD. I was there for her. I was her friend. I was dumb. She ended up having sex with my husband and GAVE HIM THAT SAME STD! When I confronted her about it, she just kept blaming him. Said it came from him. I am woman enough to say, I didn’t have it. She should be a woman and be truthful. This isn’t the end… Videos and inappropriate pictures surfaced of her, she still had the nerve to say she was more woman than anyone else. I tried to be a friend and tell her she needed to slow down… she has probably passed this STD on to her ex and her new boyfriend. PLEASE HELP ME STOP THIS WOMAN!