John Collins – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I’ve been RVing for almost 25 years. I’ve owned and rented multiple RV’s and I’ve stayed everywhere from KOA’s to primitive State parks. I’ve never experienced the lack customer service anywhere, as I did at Casa del Sol. John Collins, Manager, initially gave me a 4-month rate, I paid cash up front. After 10 weeks, we had to leave. The problems started with the manager, John Collins makes little or no effort to ensure your comfort as a guest or tenant. His social skills are non-existent, he’s rude, self centered, a bully, denies responsibility, kicks you out of his office when you have concerns, and then offers you a refund to leave. When you’re ready to leave, he denies the refund. There are weeds everywhere, park lighting inoperable, locks on thermostats busted off, indoor shuffle board locked up during so called “off season”, exercise machines in work out room broken down and poorly maintained, park is infested with spiders and feral cats, homeless people walk freely in and out of park, I had my bike and a propane tank stolen. Park has surveillance cameras but management makes no offer to view footage when thefts are reported. Park security is a young kid who randomly rides around in a golf cart. The office is never open on weekends and closed a lot during the day. Calls to John Collins were never returned. The park is about 70% vacant. Many spaces are filled with old, run down, park models with flat tires and boarded up windows. There’s no restrictions on appearance. Many occupied spaces are public eyesores. This park is 5 stars out of 100. It’s not an RV resort, it’s a run down trailer park. Stay across the street at GOLDEN VILLAGE PALMS. its worth the extra money.