Kayla Shulka — Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Kayla Shulka lives in Pell Lake, WI right outside of Lake Geneva, WI. She has been messing around and dating married men for a long time now. This bartending Home Wrecker, husband banger, and can’t keep her legs closed or her dirty mouth shut. She works at Pub n grub in Pell Lake and also does photography. Married or taken men are her thing and she doesn’t care if you tell her to stay away. Shes a true Home Wreaker and has destroyed families before. Currently she is dating a married incarcerated man and even though he tells everyone he’s only using her for commissary money she clings on tight. Its pathetic AF! He tells everyone he wants to be with his wife and fix his family but she still wants his dk. Beware she has no morals, likes to play stupid for male attention, and will give your husband a ride if given the chance! Also, she likes to pull her t*ts out whenever possible and will let random men feel them right at the bar. She’s nasty, dirty, and nothing will stop her from sucking and f**king anyones man if given a chance. Beware of this super thoty slore! For legal reasons All of the above is my opinion only. Wouldn’t want the slut try to get more money! LMAO!!