Kristin Terry — Melrose, Massachusetts

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Kristin Terry used to babysit my two children in Melrose. DO NOT EVER hire this girl to watch your children; here is why. After Kristin asked for a raise, only 2 weeks after I hired her, I told her that I usually give a raise after 6 months of the sitter being with us. The next day, I noticed that $100 was stolen out of the jar where I keep our children’s college fund. I confronted her about it nicely, and she said she had no idea what I was talking about. The next day my husband and I decided to put up a nanny cam. I cannot begin to tell you how repulsed I was from what I had found. Kristin was in our bed sticking dildo’s up her vagina looking at a picture of my husband while the kids were sleeping. She then used our laptop to look up porn while she continued masterbating. The porn she watched was babysitter f#cks mom and dad of children she watched. She also went through my underwear drawer and sniffed my underwear. She even tried on a pair- gross! I also found her stealing more money out of my childrens jar. This girl will smile in your face, act innocent, but in reality she is a sleezy disgusting wh#re who does not take care of her body because she is very overweight. She wears very short dresses to our house and bends over right in front of my husband to expose her legs. I should have known at our interview that she was a psycho because of the way she was looking at my husbands buldge. I later found out that she prostituted at a local strip bar the town over from us. DO NOT HIRE THIS GIRL AS YOUR BABYSITTER. I am never trusting ever again.