Krystal Davis — Qauntico, Virginia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This is Krystal Davis. She is engaged to a married man who has an amazing wife, and son of his own. The cheating married man is Thomas Wise. He lives with this other women Krystal Davis (HOMEWRECKER) and spends his time with her and his son, while his own flesh and blood asks for him all the time. This Krystal Davis also was lied to from Thomas Wise and faked dumping him. A few hours later she was found out to be engaged to him. Be careful of this Krystal Davis. She will steal your husband. She is setting a great example for his children. NOT! She is a desperate HOMEWRECKER. This is just GROSS! She is an evil person. She will be the next to get cheated on, so everyone make sure you give her a big audience.