Kwanita Whitehair — Bucyrus, Ohio

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Kwanita Whitehair lied to my face and told me she was gay so I would let her close to my husband. I let her stay in my house, gave her nail polish and let her watch my newborn all while she was planning on stealing my husband. We had just had our son when they started working long hours together. This POS constantly told a new father who was struggling with that, that he wasn’t tired or stressed. He was unhappy with me. She started sending him nudes all while smiling at me everyday. He left me for her. It took him all of two weeks to realize how what he dumb a$$ he was. Thank god he never touched her. She knew he was married and still went after him. She ended up getting fired over it and blames me. I hope I was the reason she got fired. Everyone deserves to be warned about this peice of trash. No one deserves to have this woman in their lives.