Leslie Ann Snyder – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I was in a 9 year relationship with Leslie and she never worked and I supported her. She cheated on me and I even took her back and bailed her out of jail after she was arrested for beating on the guy she cheated on me with. She just told me what I wanted to her to take her back. She has no empathy or regard for anyone else except for herself. She a user and manipulator. She’s only out for herself and will lie cheat and steal to get what she wants. When she lived with me I told her I feel that you don’t love me and your using me and she just blew me off and Saud she loved me. I told her then she needs to move out and I’m going to find it somewhere else. She didn’t fix anything but then post on this site I’m a cheater. Never have. It took almost a year to get her out of my house. She finally moved out after I had $5000 cash stolen from my house by her and/or Jessica. She never worked and when she moved out she bought a $3000 car. But she didn’t steal it and she’s still friends with that Jessica. Looks guilty to me. Why be friends with someone who stole the money if you didn’t do it. She moved out and she’s been sleeping with me once a week till June of 2017 and she’s out every weekend and tells me it’s none of my business what’s she’s doing. She has a bunch of new guynfriwnds But She says nothing’s going on. Ya liar cheater. Just be for warned. Contact me with any questions. This is all true. She thinks she can cumpolsively lie to me and see other people behind my back and keep lieing and think it’s okay. She has no empathy or regard for anyone else except herself.