Lexi Nelson – San Diego, California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Guys if you see this girl, run! She isn’t credible at all. She plays guys for fools and doesn’t need Tinder because her cell is Tinder. Her friends have dropped her like a bad habit because she is only concerned with her own selfish desires. She put her ex bf on here last year and now, we’ll, it came back to her. She cannot control her sexual impulses and knows how to manipulate very well. She is a huge narcissist. She has crossed her friends and parents which means she will cross you! When I broke up with her for doing scandalous, untrustworthy actions in front of my face (which means she is doing worse behind my back) she admitted to me how she cheated on me. With many men. While she’s dating one guy she is actually texting/sexting other guys. I know this first hand and so does her best friend. If you see her, run!