Lindsey Aymil — Ocala, Florida

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Beware of this disgusting piece of work Lindsey Aymil in Ocala, Florida she is a youth leader at Meadowbrook Church and is a server at Red Lobster. This little girl met my family and I at church, proceeded to tell my husband how pretty I am and what a beautiful family he has. Then follows it up with how hot he is and gives him her phone number. They texted for two weeks while she asked questions like “would you ever leave your wife?” My husband told her absolutely not, also things like “how often do you two have sex” and “I would [email protected]#k you every night’. This girl claims to be a sweet innocent church girl, but she is nothing but rotten trash. As I have been talking about this to other people it seems like this is her thing, she loves married men with good looking family’s.