Lindsey Wells — Griffin, Georgia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Lindsey Wells was married with 2 little girls. She works at CVS pharmacy in Griffin, GA. She likes to screw married men. To my knowledge she was married (her husband, bless his heart, finally wised up and had divorced the store), while married she was… and probably still is, screwing 2 married men that have children of their own. While on her back for those 2 men, she got engaged within days of her husband leaving. She loves to send close-up shots of her vag to anyone who will give her their#. She put out for one of the men within days of meeting him. They met because her then husband hired the man to install cabinets in their home. She meets them in parking lots and at her own mothers home. She shows no remorse! Stay in your lane.