Liv Rose — Greer, South Carolina

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

She recently changed her name from Olyvia Rose Fenton to Liv Rose. She cheated on my bestfriend with a guy named Dillon. But before that,she cheated on her last ex named Justin with my best friend – see a cycle here? Good. She’s manipulated her way to hide the fact that she jumped two weeks after the breakup and into another mans arms in a heartbeat. We have have the screenshots of her denying ever talking to Dillon, but calls him Love and Babe on stream? She’s a toxic manipulating girl, that’s turning quite fast into an alcoholic. (Runs in the family). Once a cheater always a cheater. For more information on this girl, just google Olyvia Rose Fenton. If you see this girl on any dating website, do yourself the favor and run away from her as fast as you can.