Luis Carrasco — Birmingham, Alabama

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

So basically, I got with this guy Luis Carrasco… were really hitting it off and he found out I may have been with child, when he found out he went off the rails trying to push me into getting and abortion, doing heavy drugs and constantly going out and not coming back home or even letting me know he was okay for days. Then I found out he was off cheating on me on my friends birthday and he left me completely abandoned on the night we were meant to be going out looking like a mug for his new piece of the night. Long story short he then told me I am all the names under the sun and that I’d be an unfit mom, that it probably isn’t his ect ect, trying to push me down and down and I’ll have everyone know I am now in a much better place but I want to warn other women in the future of him. I don’t know if he’s done it before but I sure hope it happens to no one again at his expense.