Mara Goins — Brownsville, Tennessee

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Let me first say I am fully aware it takes two to tango…. but Mrs. Mara Goins is the true definition of a home wrecker! Her husband, Tim Goins sent me a message via Facebook Messenger to inform me that my ‘man’ was having an affair with Mara. He attached screenshots of the emails between the two. My ‘man’ came clean and did admit to cheating on me with Mara. At the time he was one of her Supervisors at MCSO Jail Division. Mara began to flirt with my ‘man’ via email and in person, and preyed on the fact that he was her supervisor and did/said whatever she could to get ahead. While communicating with her husband (and my own investigations) I learned that Mara flirted and had physical relationships with at least 2 Sergeants, one Captain and one co-worker she completed her training academy with. Her husband stated he has physical evidence of these relationships (emails and text) and Mara admitted to having the affairs to both him and their marriage counselor. This would lead me to believe that her husband had a reason not to trust her. Mrs. Mara was physical with her victims in the MCSO parking garage. It baffles me that numerous families were hurt because of Mara’s selfishness and her willingness to advance her career in law enforcement by sleeping her way up the ladder. I’m SURE that there are other people that her husband (who has suck by her side) knows nothing about. I couldn’t be happier that this home wrecking, no morals having, poor excuse for a law enforcement officer is no longer in the state of Indiana. However I do feel sorry for any other ‘higher-ups’ that she works with, and feels the need to flirt and/or have affairs with to advance her career. I also feel sympathy for the relationships she has destroyed and/or harmed.