Marco Torres Crystal Auslam – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

These people have run around town she has put stuff on Facebook they have put stuff on Instagram that has spread lies about me telling people that I’m a w**** that I’m a mistress that on the side chick that I’m harassing them that I’m stalking them but what it was is that her man cheated on her with me for 2 years and lie to me I’m the one that got pregnant he wanted a baby with me I knew nothing about her she had part of it you don’t even want to know but this Sick b**** had part of me having abortions she is that insecure to hang on for a man I told her I would meet up with her and give her all the proof all the friends I met all my neighbors that met him my kids met him he’s threatening me with a game called suicidal he’s threatened me with Stoners 13 in East LA or Stoners Creek he has threatened to blow up my house he has threatened to have my kids taken care of cuz now they’re over the age of 18 he has called my daughter a nasty disgusting s*** c*** names Crystal was stalking me but telling everyone else they’re so sick that when I would text you would text back she would listen to all the voicemails they would sit there and play games but then try to play victim when I would get pissed off and talk s*** I’m defending myself you don’t get to do that to me and not expect me to defend myself I can never have kids again because of him in her yes I had a choice but if you knew what she did you wouldn’t have had the baby either I begged him for money for pain pills he ignores me I’ll never have a baby again cuz I him he has STDs he almost killed me he has told me numerous times he’s going to f****** bring people to my house he’s going to have someone take me out he’s going to have the sisters come and kill me his girlfriend wanted to meet up I told her I have all the proof I have a 300 pictures of his d*** he sent me I have all my phone records from the last two years I can bring my kids you can meet them they met him my neighbors I have a list of people I can tell you the friends I’ve met of his he’s a liar and he said he tried to explain to her he put us against each other so we would never talk but she’s so ignorant she is still a f****** blind fool but the thing is I found out she does know the truth she knows the truth but she doesn’t want her friends and family to know so she goes around calling me names saying she’s going to do legal action against me calling me a s*** and a w**** saying that I’m crazy and I’m emotionally disturbed but that she hopes I get help this is a disgusting woman and he’s a disgusting man he is a drunk he works for moving company God forbid he never f****** kills anyone since he stays up till 3 in the morning drinking then goes to work they live together he has 3 kids but yet he admits that he drinks in front of them and then she post pictures of her b**** hanging out of shirts making comments like oh my God my shirt doesn’t fit they are nuts and they are crazy and they have mentally and verbally abused me and has turned it all around and ruined my name I will never be threatened by them again he is threatening my daughter who is 19 and my son who is 18 He is threatened to send guys to my house to do whatever they need to do he is a sick sick man and she has threatened me over and over because she uses his text she uses his phone and pretends that she’s here they sit there together and text me because they’re that f****** sick stay away from Crystal a USL a.m. in Whittier stay the f*** away from her and stay away from Mark Torres +1-562-653-7668 and her phone number is 71418 34 they both live in Whittier but he depending on what profile he’s on he says Norwalk Whittier or Santa Fe Springs he’s currently on all these dating sites again her number is 714-770-1834 if you read this b**** stop contacting my family they don’t want to talk to you everyone knows the truth now I have all the messages you sent my ex-sister-in-law I have the messages you sent everyone else I have all your text messages and Marc you’re racist you called my friend a f****** n***** I’m sorry you don’t like black people you Marcus called me over for us let he has called me yet slept for a stretch mark pic tell me I stink you that I’m fat and that he laughs that he goes haha your baby’s dad but you’ll never have kids your baby’s dad poor you your baby’s dead over and over he says it to me they are sick you have been warned I have tons of more proof this is all I’m going to put up and yes I did go off on her because I had enough of her playing victim yes I told her to f*** off because you know what you I can never have kids again this isn’t about me wanting your mad cuz I don’t want a man that is a cheater and a f****** liar this is about both of you to taking my baby away and I will never have a baby again yes I had a choice but after everything you two said and did I was f****** emotionally f***** up and depressed and you f*** with me all the names you’ve both have called me all the s*** you put up on Facebook he has threatened me with all his sisters he has even had people call my 18 year old son grown adults she’s 39 and he’s 41 and they are calling my son threatening my son he uses his son on his dating profile pics and try to blame me and I told her fine let’s go to court so we can pull all the f****** records and you can see I am not hiding nothing and I have done nothing but the truth but you know what I’m tired of being harassed and lied about and I would appreciate if anyone reads this please please pass it along posted on Facebook posted on Instagram please help me and put this all over the Internet please do not let another woman never be able to have kids again not another woman get an STD in almost f****** die and then be harassed and humiliated why they laughed about me and played games from text messages and told all their friends while everyone was laughing at me please do not let another woman go through this I beg all of you to post this everywhere about Mark Torres and Crystal awesome he’s a drunk he’s always posting that she’s f***** up there sick and then he has his 3 kids I beg everyone to please spread the word last known on Plenty of Fish he was the punk life 41 year old man says he’s 57356 blazingwood your bus is Norwalk Santa Fe Springs has tattoos all over his body has two girls and one boy says that he drink socially but he’s a drunk he drinks every night which I didn’t find out for a long time because we always meet up during the day she says she’s a Pill Popper and does drugs that’s what he says please I’m begging from woman to woman to post this anywhere you can to please help me clear my name and to save any other woman this pain and suffering because I literally wanted to kill myself I wanted to kill myself I had to go into counseling I was so f***** up in the head from all the f****** harassment that gains the baby the lies that I couldn’t take it anymore and he found me at my weakest moment and he will do it again to another please post this everywhere contact me I will give you more proof I will do whatever I have to do for you to understand that he cannot do this anymore Help Me Clear My Name I’ll give you all the proof don’t let him do it again people like them are trash they’re disgusting you can contact me via email at Starstruck 7698 at