Michael Anthony Vargas — San Diego, California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

My wife met Michael Anthony Vargas at work, he has a degree in clinical psychology and honed in on the fact that my wife was depressed to be her “friend”. We had some problems in our marriage and that a**hole made sure that they became bigger and worse while he became “the only person that understood her”. He used everything he learned about mental disorders to convince her that he was everything she was looking for. She cheated thinking this guy was super nice guy who cared about her, while he was only after her for money, which he got.

She spent a lot of money in taking him out and spending time with him. After she ended it, he wanted to remain friends. Turns out all her co-workers knew about him through this friend. Also, turns out this isn’t the first time he uses his education to hone in on women with some issues to use them. In the end, found out he used to work in a hospital as intake, can’t imagine how many other women he took advantage of. I hope he burns in hell and that he gets what he deserves for doing this to women. Oh side note, he has a business that teaches other men to to get women that are “out of their league” so he is teaching other men to prey on weak women. Gold digging piece of sh*t deserves his world to completely fall apart. Along with all the people that know what he does and don’t stop him. I hope he burns in hell, I would not be sad if I heard he died today.