Michael Clancy – Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Michael Clancy Phoenix, AZ – I had the misfortune of meeting Mike through business. I stupidly believed his lies, including the one about being divorced. Turns out he still lives with his ex-wife who still supports him financially and had to divorce him after he bankrupted her. He also had me believe they lived together as roommates and had not been intimate for 20 years; all LIES, I now know. Mike betrayed her trust and shared that she is very naïve and co-dependent, thus allowing him to get away with cheating. He quickly acquired a new cell phone and number when she found inappropriate texts on his main one. The final straw came for me when he left said cell phone at my house the last time he spent the night. From it I discovered that he is involved with numerous other women and at least one man who left a voice mail stating he needed to confirm Mike ‘is not a w****’. Sorry, but that IS the case. Mike pretends to be a devout Catholic and is fond of saying it’s important to ‘do the right thing’ which makes him a huge HYPOCRITE! He is trolling dating websites looking for his next victim and cares nothing about whom he hurts, so BEWARE of this total PHONY!!!