Nancy Ann Whitley – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This person cheated on me multiple times she lies like its a sport and always looking for guys on her social media also lies about her professional carrier stating on LinkedIn that she attended college when she didn’t . Also has child indangerment and domestic violence history , she pulled my 13 year daughter from the hair down to the ground she’s 51 years old and goes to the bars by her self drinks till she doesn’t enem know who she is, she keeps everything so secretly and never tells you what’s she’s doing or if she does its all bs. A guy called her on her phone and started talking to her like they were a real couple I told her to put volume up so I could hear and she responded to the guy I don’t know who you are the dude said are you fuc$&$& kidding me , right what a joke. One time despertly looking for a piece of luggage , she was claiming going to big bear and needed her snow gear , I ipened the bag and I found a thong with pre holes made in front and back , claimed it was old and I’ve never seems it before when I always got the bags ready . She’s obsessed about young guys and won’t stop staring even when we went to places together it so lame, she has no respect and very selfish person still just like her other cheater friend Alivia Newhart Reynolds doing duck faces taking selfies st 51 years old, she pocket dialed me one time , she was drunk and calling done other guy babe and telling him where’s my car and my cocsine I drug tested her before and she tested positive for meth and also lives in a meth house so sad.