Nicole Stoner — Irvington, Kentucky

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Stephanie and James were going through a rough patch in their relationship. She was severely depressed, Had mood swings all over the map, and would lash out in anger over things that in truth didn’t even bother her. She was a wreck and kept taking it out on James which caused a rift between them. James vented to and confided in this girl Nicole Stoner he talked to online starting a couple months before he met Stephanie. Instead of respecting him being in a relationship and expecting a child with Stephanie, she started to say things intended to make her look like a caring devoted friend on his side through it, when what she was really doing was tearing him further away from Stephanie. She would insult Stephanie’s appearance saying she is nowhere near pretty enough to deserve A hot guy like James.

Every negative thing James vented about she would repeat to Him ultimately convincing James he deserved a better more attractive girl. Once she saw he believed Stephanie wasn’t good enough for him she started to encourage him to find a better woman and eventually was convincing him that he could upgrade to herself. She knew James and Stephanie were still together, but not for long. She started sending him pics of her in her panties and in suggestive poses to entice his body since she had already put her agenda into play in his mind. She kept telling him how if he wants to be with her she will move to NC from KY to be with him and show him what it’s like to be with the woman he deserves and all he needs to do is kick the trash out. Stephanie knew something was up so she sent a message CC’d to James and Nicole begging them to stop associating with each other because it was destroying the relationship and ripping The family apart before their baby had even drawn a breath. Nicole’s response was “I do what the f*uck I want you fat ugly b*tch.” Stephanie was never disrespectful toward Nicole but James took Nicole’s side and the two grew closer still because they thought Stephanie had overstepped. Nicole managed to tell the woman James was in a relationship with and expecting a child with to stay in her lane while James backed her up. After that Stephanie knew she was being lied to and betrayed which hurt and made her fight even more with James desperate to get him to admit what he was doing was wrong, but Nicole kept reassuring him he could do better. When the fighting and tension climaxed James was so torn and hurt. He came up with a plan though and asked Stephanie to take three days where both put in 100% to try one last time to salvage the relationship during which he would not so much as text Nicole. When he told Nicole about the agreement that had been made she sent him nudes to show him what will be waiting for him after his doomed experiment would fail. There was a lot of talking about every topic even painful topics, yet there was no fighting, no telling, and no storming off in anger to the living room. Before the first 24 hours was up with Nicole completely removed from the equation James went to Stephanie and told her he didn’t want her to leave him anymore. Today is day 2 and James is carrying around the engagement ring he hadn’t given her yet so when the moment is right he can get down on one knee and propose to his soul mate. Part of the agreement was the stipulation that if he and Stephanie decided to stay together Nicole and James would never associate with each other nor communicate with each other ever again. Nicole doesn’t know that James chose Stephanie over her for the second time now considering when he met Stephanie he had been planning to move in with and date Nicole, but he dropped her and everything else he had going on to be with Stephanie. Naturally there is probably more to the story, but the important part in this one is in the end James chose the one who showed him she truly loves him with every fiber of her being and would do anything for him even if it causes her pain it is worth suffering to spare him from suffering. Nicole was inches away from absolutely destroying a family her motives unknown. The photo of the chick wearing a shirt and panties is Nicole, the headshot is Stephanie(my best friend since middle school I am proud to say) and the man in the photo with Stephanie is James. I am very glad that Nicole failed at ripping James and Stephanie apart. Both of them have endured so much heartache and managed to find their soul mate at long last. They deserve a period of happiness after what they’ve gone through. Tomorrow evening is when Nicole will find out James chose Stephanie over her again. After Stephanie tells me what happened I will try to update this posting.