Nikki Drumm — Columbus, Ohio

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This lady here Nikki Drumm told so many sob stories she doesn’t know the truth anymore. Her daughter is dying, she is dying, her aunt is dying, her purse was stolen, you get the theme. She is always looking for a handout. She borrows money she doesn’t return. She sleeps with men who are not hers. It is her ‘do whatever I want because I want to’ attitude that has gotten her posted her. She slept with my husband and tried to blackmail him. Nikki is a low life with a criminal record and history of breaking up families. She can’t even keep her own family together she has been divorced twice and has four children she does not have custody of. Just a warning she is only out for her and only her! Her modeling is nothing short of a blow job in the back of a car or naked. Ladies and men beware