Paige Armstrong — Bardstown, Kentucky

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I have watched this girl Paige Armstrong literally beg men to take her home. My own experience with her started when my now ex and I were supposed to meet at a bar, I was held up at work and was very late and he was drunk when I got there, she was rubbing all over him and kissing on his neck as he was almost passed out on the bar, I calmly told her that I’m his wife and am there to take him home and went to the bathroom to compose my emotions, when I come back she’s trying to make out with him and he’s half awake trying to kiss her back and I snapped, right or wrong I stand by my choice to walk over and punch them in the face midkiss, I turned and walked out and she helped him stagger to her car, he came home the next day and said that he had sex with her, that he didn’t remember much of anything before hand but woke up still really drunk in her house and she had pulled his pants off and was licking and sucking his d while he was asleep. Knowing he’s married. Trash. She then tried to claim she was drunk and had never done anything like that before, not knowing she already had a reputation for these kind of things, the most disgusting part is she doesn’t even use condoms with these guys!!