Patricia Henderson — Henry County, Georgia

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This woman Patricia Henderson thinks it’s cute to try over and over again for damn near almost a year now trying to get with my Fiancé… now not to forget she was with a guy for 15 years and he recently passed away a few months ago and jumps right on to my man and tries her damnest to get with him when he tells her he doesn’t cheat. It’s sad he can’t go tan because she’s always harassing him at Sun Tan City in Lagrange, KY where she works. I’ve taken all I can take of this HOMEWRECKER so now’s the time to put HER on blast with her nasty a$$ telling my man he should come cuddle her… you would think being with a man for 15 years he would want to marry you, but no no ring, no marriage, and he always cheated on you even in Sun Tan City when he changed the bulbs in the beds… your a real winner honey let me tell ya… just know my man ain’t going no where and you have no chance to have that with him. Just remember I’ll be having the ring not you so move on with the next one honey 

 who’s got the ring honey NOT YOU…