Ranielle Jerae Chavez – Arizona

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

I would like to report this woman I know she is lying to her frens and famly I know cus she told me in secret about This from the beginning and now I have to tell some one cus it’s wrong and she’s wrong and she’s probaly going to know it’s me but I don’t care anymore cus were all sick of it and we see thro u and u are wrong ur frens do backstab u cus we know u are lying and I loss a lot of respect for u now. It takes two but wher is he his gone already and didn’t care to call or nothing even u post his naked pictures but u only have those why u look not profesonal anymore and u make our Dine woman look bad and our family is embarasd please and I am sorry to do this to u I hope u learn from it and stop