Richard Nathaniel Bell – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Serial Bigamist/Narissist refers to himself as the black warrior and self taught fighter. Has book called way of the black warrior that he wrote located on amazon. He is into prostitutes and working them for money. He find women of dating sites craigs list wants instant marraige and material items such as cars video games console money sex place to live..he will be kind and sweet. He has his spiritual warfare book claims to be cristian but is not. He uses the bible on people and uses gods word to attack. He cheats lies steals assaults women and children. He will love bomb you then devalue you then discard you for a new woman supply..he is an online preditor and has a valid warrant for Bigamy. Richard has many wives one for over 15 years he is still marreid to. He has children but dont see or take care of them and was missing for years noone could find him. He has a dishonerable discharge from the military that he talks highly of himself. He is into witchcraft claims he was a war lock and a ninja.. he is angry and will go into a rage when he gets comfortable in relationship and is questioned of his cheating etc..he slammed his wife into a car and shoved a baby down to the floor..he is very dangerous and is mentally un stable please call 911 and report him and get safe..and be smart. Do your research to avoid him..his birthday is september 14 1971 Richard Nathaniel Bell.. age 46 to 50. Sister neffertiti and deceased brother Carlos..Son Nate and Arrilia..