Robyn Boxie — Raleigh, North Carolina

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

This woman had an ongoing emotional relationship with my husband for over 5 years… when I initially found out about it, I confronted her and my husband and told her to STOP contacting my husband outside of work hours and that clearly she was crossing the line between professional and personal… but even though I asked her to STOP, and told my husband to stop, they continued behind my back only this time not via text messaging but thru an outside chat app, my son who at the time was 10 had found out about it, and told me, because he would go on his dad’s phone to play games… They ended it on the outside chat app, but she still continued to contact my husband only now on his “secured” work email, telling him things like “I know I’m not supposed to talk to you, but I can’t help it, I miss talking to you” “are you home alone, don’t get caught emailing me, I don’t have time for your drama” “thank you thank you thank you for my coffee! I love all the flavors” “You need to get a handle on your wife” “we let it get to far” She Also sent my husband photos of herself, and when I found out about all this, and confronted my husband about it, he said they don’t talk anymore, and that she filled a void whenever he was mad at me… It’s absolutely disgusting that women out there will go out of their way to have a type of relationship with a married man, a man whom I’ve been married to for almost 10 years and we have been together for 14. Clearly this woman has no respect for the fact that he is married, that I knew about it and asked her to STOP contacting my husband, and the fact that we have children, we are expecting our 4th child this coming May… I wrote her a letter, but I never sent it to her, instead I sent it to my husband. My husband has apologized to me, and we are working this out, but she needs to stop messing with married men. She started working here in Hawaii, so beware ladies, she is now in North Carolina so if your husband works with her, and he’s married, chances are she will flirt with him, and seduce him into buying her gifts and talking to her. She is a 41 year old woman who has never been married has no kids.