Ryan Mccormack Anaheim – California

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Watch out ladies this guy is not only a liar but a master manipulator , your red flags will be when you hear about his anger about his race – white va Latin, ccomplains about his mom being too busy sucking d*** to give him the right opportunities and talk s*** on women in general – he hits on everyone and loves to have crappy phone sex if you’ve ever gotten a call with him breathing heavy on the other line just hang up. He is abusive mentally physically and emotionally . He has a record with a restraining order – date him and you will never be the same . For me he cheated on me yet was always accusing me -and he was the one pursuing the relationship he would get to my computer and get to my phone and accuse me all the time and it turned out that it was him the whole time but it doesn’t stop there them out of mental and emotional and very tricky abuse is a mindfuck he was abused so he abuses- All this from a little guy who lives in his moms backyard in the shed