Sarah Amador — Seattle, Washington

August 18, 2020 By WtfScam 0

Sarah is such a good Christian girl! After only four years of marriage to her husband, she decided to sleep with mine, a father of three and a co-worker of hers. She talked about being the step-mother to my children, and moving my husband away from them. Openly mocking me in their text messages, she would also send pornographic pictures of herself along with comments about my husbands penis. Such a good Christian! When the affair was finally revealed, Sarah took it upon herself to text me on both her and my husbands behalf ( thinking he actually was going to leave me) not only to apologize, but lie about how he supposedly shielded me & the children from her. I told her I saw every conversation she had with my husband and knew it was all lies. So like the coward she is, she blocked me on all social media accounts, and continued to call my husband wanting to hear from him that it was over. His brother finally had to threaten her to stop calling because it was getting out of hand. But now, she’s repented her sins and God has given her Grace so everything has been forgiven…even though their affair cost both of them their jobs and put my family’s well being at risk. I understand my husband is also to blame, but what i don’t comprehend is how someone can hide behind their religion and say all is forgiven when it’s clearly not. You are not a true Christian, Sarah. If you were, you would have never placed anyone’s marriage, job or family at risk with this behavior. Pretty sure that’s in the Bible, right? Keep praying. Pray that you never harm another family again, or your poor husband who obviously adores you. He deserves better.